LiterARTure in Barnstable

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I have never experienced a planned gathering for the sole purpose to discuss literature.  At least not since high school. There are monthly reading discussions held at the Sturgis Library that I highly recommend. The meeting I attended was part of a series entitled: “Odd Couples: Literary Feuds, Friendships and Falling-outs.” Every month a different designated scholar “assigns” the readings so that all are prepared to take part in the discussion. The session I attended included the books by two Columbian authors- Gabriel Garcia Marquez and Mario Vargas Llosa. The discussion was navigated by the South Dennis Librarian, Anna Speyer. I must say that if she had been my high school teacher I would have had a much better appreciation of the art form at an earlier age. I truly believe it is the responsibility of the teacher to be able to engage and excite the class with the same enthusiasm that he/she feels for the subject matter.  The group of attendees were so fully focused on the subjects and she highlighted aspects that many would never have considered before.   I left the library much invigorated and looking forward to reading works by these two authors.

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