Visiting a local artist gallery

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Directly across the street from the Inn is a little gem of an artist’s gallery called Fresh Paint. It is run by a co-op of five local artists and displays a wide range of mediums and styles from Watercolors, Oils and Acrylics to Monotype Printmaking and other mixed-media, to only name a few. I had a wonderful visit viewing their work during a tour offered and arranged by the Friends of the Snow Library on Friday October 11th.The artists attending to the tour were available to engage in conversations about the gallery and the work. I don’t think I could choose one piece or even one artist’s work as my favorite.
The rest of the weekend offered an open invitation to come and meet and view one of the artists, Claire Marcus, as she worked on her monotype printmaking. Claire was very open to my questions about this type of work, since I had never seen it before. A very brief explanation of this form is quoted as “… a one of a kind transfer of an inked or painted image from a smooth flat metal, plastic of glass plate to print paper or other printed surface. The transfer may be made with hand pressure or by means of an etching press.” There is much more to it, as well as other options of techniques used during the process, which prove to be quite extensive. Why not come and stay at the Inn and take a run over for a tour of the gallery to see all the artists’ work? If you are in the market for some new art, you just may find it here.

See Claire Marcus discussing Monotype Printmaking

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