Recent Tour of Classic and Vintage Cars

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Some people might not consider putting antique autos on their list of “works of art”. I would strongly suggest re-evaluating that thought. For years I’ve enjoyed visiting auto museums and shows as a favorite thing to do. The designs, colors, chrome-work, symbols and hood ornaments, to mention a few, can really draw an exclamation of “wow” as you wander through an exhibit. Recently, a friend and I took a 5 minute walk from the Inn to see the “Woodies on the Green” exhibit at the Yarmouth Port green on a typically gorgeous fall day. These beautiful machines were stunning in the sunlight and also brought back many memories of my dad talking about his first Model A and the journey’s and adventures it took him on as a young man. I even could recall climbing into our Pontiac Woody as a wee one, to embark on a family outing.  A very nostalgic event as I moved through the exhibit.

Another valuable asset to our local region is The Heritage Museum and Gardens, a few towns away in Sandwich.  Not only can you stroll through the colorful gardens and ride the vintage carousel, but you will be awed by the amazing works of art in the antique auto museum. It makes one long for the chance to experience what riding through the streets in one of these beautifully designed vehicles would feel like. It makes me wish that the cars of today still displayed a level of style that was once so important in the automobile industry.

So, take advantage of the upcoming special offered at the Inn, so that you can personally witness these “works of art” as well as the brilliant decorations and performances that celebrate the upcoming holiday season.

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