Celebration of The Winter Solstice

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Being fairly new to this area of The Cape, I am enjoying the search for all the artistic treasures and so pleased that so many are close to the Inn. It allows me the opportunity to just run out the door and go. My latest excursion took me to The Cultural Center of Cape Cod about 10 minutes away in S. Yarmouth. Being holiday time, there are many offerings relating to all aspects of season. The Irish harpist/singer/storyteller, Aine Minogue, celebrates the Winter Solstice with her concert “To Warm the Winter’s Night”.  Although I enjoy all kinds of entertainment, those who know me understand that, when I can learn something new I am even more contented. Firstly, Aine (pronounced awn-ya) is a master of her instrument and plays with such ease and grace that it’s clear of her love for her work. Her voice has a light elegance that reminds me of a butterfly lighting on a petal.  So delicate and soft.  Some musical works included: a pre-Christian Abbot Bromley Horndance for luck (usually accompanied by a men’s’ Morris  Dance); the Selke song about seals removing their skins to become human for a time; Spirits of the World used for the consecration of the Mass and the song Winter Fire and Snow, just to name a few. Secondly, she is a wonderful storyteller and informant of all aspects of Celtic lore. She informed us that the Winter Solstice, which occurs in the Samhain (pronounced Sow-an) season from Halloween to the solstice, is the time between places. Examples of “mist being between water and air” or “holly being between a bush and a tree” or that of a more spiritual nature were given. The solstice actually announces the “death of the year”. Her addition of poetry to the concert crossed centuries of time and belief of the Celtic cultural basis. So much information was easily brought to the surface of her presentation without feeling burdened.  I was in seventh heaven at this concert. So fortified! The Center also has galleries of local artist’s work and gift shop of same. It’s a lovely place to visit and take in the offerings.

View: The Grove

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