A Plymouth visit

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Many people consider Plymouth as part of Cape Cod. Although that isn’t quite true it is so very close that it is worth the short trip over the bridge. What a sweet town with lots to offer and of course the historical aspects can’t be beat. I had the chance to go hear an amazing band last weekend with 10 musicians at T-Bones Roadhouse on Main Street. It was early on “Super-bowl Sunday” and it was packed. The band, Lonesome Jukebox played quiet a mix of great dancing music and the small floor space did nothing to inhibit the enthusiasm of the crowd. Even if you weren’t up dancing on your feet, you were wigglin’ in your chair. They are an amazing, highly accomplished group of musicians and, I not only recommend the restaurant for its’ very enticing menu and list of entertainment, I would also check out this band at another venue. Lots of fun,  go for it.

A taste of the fun.

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