Irish Set Dancing on Cape Cod

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So this is the best fun to get involved with at any time of the year. Irish Set Dancing is taught by Sean and Bernadette Murphy at the Sons of Erin on Route 28 in Yarmouth every Tuesday night from 6-7pm.  We are from different backgrounds, ages and life styles but we all have a blast learning new “sets” or “figures” every week and review past ones. The easiest description of set dancing is what might be related to square or contra dancing in the states, which hopefully is still being taught in grade school.

You dance with a partner whether you bring your own or not and you just listen to the instructions and off you go. Come once or come as often as you can, all is fine with the class. We love new members. The music is impossible to ignore and your feet just carry you along. We have learned sets from many counties or areas of Ireland such as: Kerry, Clare and Connemara- with music forms including: reels, jigs, hornpipes, polkas and waltz’s so far with names like: The Kerry Sets, Rinkinstown, Clare Lancers, Hownpipe and the Irish Hooley with Sliabh Luachra to name only a few.

I would encourage anyone who likes to move to great music, sweat and laugh a lot to come on over to the Sons of Erin the next Tuesday you can and join the fun.


Video of Corafina Set Dance!

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