Author Casey Sherman at the Cultural Center

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The high energy experienced from an author’s presentation was very surprising.

I never thought I would walk away exhausted by listening to someone speak. But that was definitely the case after going to hear Casey Sherman describe his investigative adventures while researching four of his books. The talk was presented at the Cultural Center of Cape Cod in Yarmouth along with the exhibits of many local artists in the galleries.

The books that Mr. Sherman spoke of were all those involving events or crimes in Massachusetts and many connected to Cape Cod.

The Search for the Boston Strangler– is about his investigations dealing with the murder of his aunt Mary Sullivan by the Strangler, also from the Cape. It also involves many other aspects in the case of the murders.

Animal– investigates the famous mafia hit-man, Joe Barboza, who was the first to take part in the witness protections program. The program was basically launched due to his informing on the Sicilian Mafia.

The Finest Hours– depicts the 1932 Coast Guard rescue off Chatham by 4 men in a horrific Nor’easter, This story has been developed for film by Disney and will be released in the fall of 2015- filmed on location.

Boston Strong– Also being brought to film by 20th Century Fox and co-authored by Dave Wedge is about the Boston Marathon bombing.


Mr. Sherman is obviously an energetic and driven writer and investigator. I was most interested in his descriptions of the amazing rescue in The Finest Hours and am looking forward to reading the book and seeing the film. The author spoke for 2 hours with no break and was so totally engaged with his story telling that I found myself experiencing an emotional “workout” while listening.

As always the Cultural Center of Cape Cod offered another inviting event for all to attend.

Next time you’re in the Mid-Cape region check out their schedule of events, showings, exhibits and classes.

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