Eleventh Annual Provincetown Dance Festival

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I was happy to finally get the opportunity to attend a performance at the culmination of this year’s Annual Provincetown Dance Festival. For eleven years the Truro Center for Performing Arts at Castle Hill has presented the festival under the direction of founder Adam Miller. He himself has a vast history as a dancer, teacher and artistic director and is receiving his bachelor’s degree in History at Seattle University this year.

The performance held at the intimate theater space demonstrated a variety of dance mediums and expertise from Marta Renzi’s experimentation with local non-dancers, Hip hop from the amateur company Case Closed, as fabulous audience pleaser from Boston Tap including the well-known top hoofer himself, Sean Fielder to solos and duets performed by other professionals such as: Jade Solomon Curtis, Donald Jones Jr., Gabriella Revlock, Ori Flomin and Isaac Gonyo.

The delight aspect of these performances allowed the venue for not only the eclectic mix of choreographic styles, but also the opportunity to see dancers at the different levels needed to achieve expertise of the art form. It is an impressive goal to undertake every year and from what I experienced, a valuable asset to the local community. Not many people witness the achievements that were the result of this project.

I look forward to next year’s production and hope to someday be a more active part in its success either as a participant or in the role of supporter such as simply housing some of the artists. Bravo to all and I commend you on a job well done.

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