Dancing at Lughnasa

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Another delightful evening of theater was spent in the audience of The Eventide Theater Company’s production of Dancing at Lughnasa, by the late Brian Friel- directed by Steve Reynolds.

Held at the Gertrude Lawrence Stage in the Historic Dennis Union Church, the company once again created the perfect setting of a small cottage in County Donegal, Ireland, circa 1936. The story, based on 5 Irish sisters and their lives together was simply but effectively produced and portrayed by cast, setting, costumes, music and even some basic choreography.  They brought the audience into the experience through the suggestion of the era and country side.

I have found that this small theater company provides an honest, consistent portrayal. They know their boundaries of budget and allowances and use them to the utmost to offer their audiences an experience worth witnessing.

Take a chance on the ETC next time you’re looking for an adventure.

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